What is helps every idea and every project go viral - spread quickly and widely among Internet users all over the world. Using this service, people create and share mosaics made up of numerous users’ images to distribute their thoughts and find followers.

Why is so special?

It's a visual platform that unites people with a common idea in one mosaic. is a new way to share and join projects.

How can my idea become viral?

It's important to note that our service is a tool for creating and distribution of your idea. The social virality will increase if your idea is catching and interesting to other people - choose the most suitable image, title, motto, and description. Mostly, it depends on how actively you start sharing the mosaic via social media.

How much does it cost? is an absolutely free service.

I joined a mosaic but I have a better image for it. How can I change it?

Go to your Profile page, choose the mosaic and click on "Leave the cause". Then don't forget to join the cause again.

Can I add more than one image in the mosaic?

No, you can join the mosaic only once.
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